About Us


AlcieMay is an independent boutique swimwear label, owned and operated by Australian designer Alice Litzow.

AlcieMay swimwear is designed and constructed to a superior quality in Australia for the girl who wants the perfect balance of comfort and style. With a focus on unique fabric prints designed from photographs, each print has a story to tell. AlcieMays latest collection is designed from photos taken in New Zealand, from a Jelly Bean Statue, to Crab Pots and the New Beginnings of a devastated city. These photos were then transformed into the vibrant prints that make AlcieMay one-of-a kind.

More recently Alice released a range of active wear that offers total comfort, outstanding shape recovery and will enhance the sports performance of those who wear it.

As the founder and creative director of AlcieMay, Alice has a strong commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion that extends beyond design. Therefore, all production is completed by the dedicated and creative AlcieMay team.

AlcieMay offers a range of choices so the fashion forward woman can mix and match ‘designs with fabrics’ and ‘tops with bottoms’ to achieve an individual look.

We understand that every womans body is different, and therefore our custom made service offers alterations to any AlcieMay swimsuit, to best suit your body shape. These alterations include but are not limited to: 
~ Adjustment of a band or strap length 
~ Lengthening or shortening of the torso 
~ Less or more coverage of bottoms 
    Please email alice@alciemay.com to discuss alterations. 
    If you desire nothing less than the best in quality and individuality…
    Welcome to AlcieMay